Summers can be a frustrating time especially for those who sweat and sweat a lot. With sweating comes a long range of bacteria that can cause infections on the skin. The case would be more sensitive if your skin is sensitive. In the market, there are hundreds of deodorants and body sprays available to give you refreshing feel during the summer. But these body sprays and deodorants contain such chemicals which are damaging to the skin. Some researches even say that these body sprays can cause skin and other types of cancer.

Thus we are here to tell you about natural deodorants can keep you fresh all summers. Natural deodorants have evolved over time. Since they prove to ward off smell, their demand has increased in recent times. The aluminum- based options are effective for those who sweat a lot, but if you use the natural products, it will keep you smelling good and sweat lesser all day long.

  1. Deodorant sticks

Deodorant sticks are specially made for f you have sensitive arm pits. These are usually free of baking soda, parabens, and aluminum but have the refreshing smells of pineapple, lavender, and jasmine.

  1. Baking soda free deodorant cream

While baking soda can be a good thing for inside the body, but it can be quite irritating for your underarms and skin. The baking soda free deodorant cream contains magnesium which is less irritating to the skin and also more effective. This cream has the refreshing smell of grapefruit essential oils.

  1. Lemon and sage, organic deodorant

Lemon and sage are very effective in getting rid of the smell of armpits.

  1. Rose Deodorant

This comes in the form of the stick as well as spray. It can be used to get rid of the body order. Roses give you a nice and fresh feeling.

  1. Deodorant in lime mint

Activated charcoal is used from water filters to facemasks. It helps to extract the impurities. Well, in the case of using it as deodorant, it helps serve the same purpose. It removes the order which can cause bacteria and infections.

  1. Organic deodorant cream

Yes, this cream contains the same ingredients as cult fave dry shampoo. They both contain smell- absorbing ingredients.

  1. Sports deodorant with baking soda and kaolin clay

Well, if you still didn’t get the very fresh feeling you are looking for in this summer, this is a double strength deodorant that is organic and aluminum free. ┬áBaking soda and Kaolin has extra sweat absorbing properties.

  1. Fragrance-free deodorant for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, it is better to always go for organic products rather than those which contain aluminum and other chemicals.  There are a lot of fragrance-free deodorants available in the market. These deodorants can be used if you want to prevent sweating but do not want to use any fragrant stuff.

Use these natural ways to get a refreshing and nice smell during the summer season. These will not harm the skin and will keep the skin soft and fresh along with giving you a fresh smell.