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How Much Car Insurance Do Florida Drivers Need?

Car insurance provides drivers in Florida with the financial protection that keeps them safe after an accident. It is required by law that minimum amounts of car insurance is carried at all times on all registered vehicles in the state. Failure to comply with this law is a crime with several consequences for those found to be in violation of the law. To ensure that you do not face the repercussions of driving without the mandatory car insurance in place, take a look at the amounts that you need to carry in your policy and then take action.

Florida drivers should carry the following amounts of car insurance orlando fl at all times to comply with the state laws:

·    $10,000 Property Damage coverage

·    $15,000 PIP (Personal Injury Protection)

car insurance orlando fl

·    $15,000 Bodily Injury protection

This is the mandatory minimum amounts of coverage that Florida drivers must carry at all times. However, additional insurance is available that adds protection to the day. If you lease a vehicle, this insurance may be required despite the state laws.

Car insurance protects you in the event of an accident. Some people see it anything more than another expense but it is far more than a bill that you pay each month. You’ll need to provide proof of auto insurance before you register the vehicle with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. Furthermore, proof of auto insurance is required whenever you are stopped by law enforcement.

Do not purchase insurance from the first provider that comes along. Many Orlando auto insurance companies are around, but they vary greatly in costs and service. When you compare, it is easy to find the right price and the right provider so you are confident in the money that you spend for coverage.